The industry is benefiting overall from the introduction of a more compressed seed supply chain.

Rapid seed multiplication as offered by the introduction of the TECHNITUBER® technology provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Rapid introduction of new and improved varieties.
  • Less field multiplication with resulting quality improvements from less disease build up.
  • Low transport costs for initial TECHNITUBER® seed product.
  • Greater traceability of the seed product.
  • Better control over the seed production chain.
  • Quality seed production capability.
  • A speedy establishment of potato supply chains for the emerging potato processing sector.
  • The development of seed industries where one was not envisaged previously.
  • An opportunity to replace expensive, imported seed with a locally-produced, limited field generation product.
  • A reduction in the risk of introducing dangerous and undesirable soil diseases in imported seed.
  • Savings in outgoing foreign exchange on an expensive imported product.
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