Produced in our state-of-the-art TECHNITUBER® facilities located around the world, this product can revolutionise your current seed production and procurement systems.

An approximate size of 13mm and weighing approximately 1.5 grams this product is planted at approximately 100 kg per hectare versus traditional seed weighing up to 4,000 kg per hectare.

The high health status of the TECHNITUBER® seed (produced in protected environments allows for disease quarantine regulations to be easily met and the compact size avoids the wasted costs incurred in storage and transport of much larger seed pieces.

TECHNITUBER® seed offers the perfect opportunity to develop a reduced field generation seed scheme to improve the quality and yield of your final seed product.

This unique propagule which involves no genetic engineering will revolutionise your current seed production practices.

Sizes Available: 12-15 mm – approx 1.5 gram

These tubers are delivered pre-sprouted in ‘field ready’ conditions and are easily transported.

High volume, low cost propagules produced to world class standards in controlled environmental facilities will allow you to slash up to four years off the age of your current seed programs and in doing so improve the quality of your final seed product.

(Note: We can provide a very cost efficient product, however minimum order volumes do apply)

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